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Kiran Chawla

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Kiran Chawla

Kiran Chawla works at the intersection of long-term grid planning and near-term market analysis of power systems, focusing on the role of the electric sector in enabling decarbonization. As a lead modeler at E3, Kiran investigates how renewables and storage impact energy, capacity, and ancillary services markets.

Kiran was the technical lead for a major decarbonization study that created optimized generation portfolios for the entire Pacific Northwest through 2050. Since joining E3 in 2015, Kiran has contributed her technical expertise to a wide range of clients and projects—from helping load serving entities in California and Canada with resource planning to making the business case for developers’ technologies in NYISO and PJM markets.

Kiran enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of her work, which leverages insights across technology, markets, policy, financing, and grid operations. She is particularly interested in market designs that align participant incentives with societal objectives. Before becoming an energy economist and while studying chemical engineering, Kiran earned a diploma in creative writing.

Education: MS, sustainable systems and environmental policy and planning, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan; BA, technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India


Study of Policies to Decarbonize Electric Sector in the Northwest I Public Generating Pool, 2017 – present

On behalf of the Public Generating Pool (PGP), a group of hydro-owning public power entities in Washington and Oregon, E3 completed a study exploring the effectiveness of a range of policy mechanisms to decarbonize the electric sector. This study used RESOLVE, E3’s optimal capacity expansion model, to develop optimized generation portfolios for the region through 2050 that capture […]


Electricity cost reduction and sustainability support | Los Angeles MTA, 2015–present

We are helping the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), one of the largest public transit systems in the country, to reduce its electricity costs, and define and achieve its environmental goals. E3’s scope has encompassed guidance on MTA’s energy strategic plan and quantification of sustainability objectives. E3’s effort has included analyzing data for hundreds of monthly electric bills, assessing potential electricity cost savings, and investigating regulatory strategies to realize cost-reducing alternatives.

Renewable procurement strategy for corporate sustainability | Large data center, 2016

E3 advised a global data center operator on renewable energy procurement in the western U.S. to support achievement of its corporate sustainability goals. We advised the client about factors impacting the long-run cost of the renewable attribute for wind and solar procurement, which is critical to understanding the economics of long-term renewable power purchase agreements. Our 20-year hourly price projections under various market and regulatory scenarios factored in natural gas and carbon price levels, the mix and quantity of renewable technologies on the system, the penetration of rooftop solar PV, and the deployment of renewable integration technologies and strategies. These scenarios supported transaction due diligence and provided a boundary for the ranges of potential renewable energy credit costs.


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