Lucy McKenzie

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Lucy McKenzie

Lucy McKenzie focuses on the economics of distributed energy resources. She joined E3 in 2015, and has led work for northwestern utilities that quantified the ratepayer and societal benefits of adopting electric vehicles and the potential value of implementing smart charging measures. For Pacific Gas and Electric, she built a model to identify optimal locations for public DC fast chargers and surveyed best practices for their siting. Collaborating with researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lucy assessed the potential value to the grid of advanced demand response and other flexible-load resources in a high-renewables future.

Lucy finds her motivation in enabling technologies and policies that will curb greenhouse gas emissions. She enjoys the technical rigor and collegiality of E3’s work environment, as well as managing cutting-edge projects with outside contributors and diverse clients. Lucy has also worked on projects involving energy and environmental issues at the Analysis Group.

Education: MPP, with a focus on energy policy, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley; BA, economics, and BA, commerce (finance and accounting), University of Queensland


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