Senior Consultant
Sam Kramer

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Sam Kramer

Sam Kramer works primarily on resource adequacy and reliability modeling, as well as long-term capacity expansion. He is also a key contributor in the development of E3’s in-house resource planning models. He previously spent two and a half years as a data scientist at Myst AI, developing short-term forecasting models for a variety of clients and use cases across the electricity sector.

Sam believes that the Earth’s most valuable natural resource is its beauty, and that the best way to preserve this resource for future generations is through rapid transformation of the energy system. He was drawn to E3 by its focus on rigorous technical analysis and by the breadth of challenges it helps its clients address.

Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, traveling internationally, and getting outside however he can, whether it be hiking, skiing, sailing, scuba diving, or pretty much anything in between.

Education: MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University; BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University