Hugh Somerset

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Hugh Somerset

Hugh Somerset supports E3’s Integrated System Planning practice area with a focus on portfolio planning and emerging bulk-grid technologies for state agencies, utilities, and project developers. He operates E3’s capacity expansion model RESOLVE, loss of load probability model RECAP, and operational reserves model RESERVE.

Hugh joined E3 after studying Energy Engineering at UC Berkeley with a focus on distribution grid planning and mitigation strategies of grid-caused wildfires. During his studies, Hugh worked in resource valuation at Ascend Analytics and siting DERs for deferring distribution grid investments at PG&E. These combined experiences have made Hugh excited about performing thoughtful and sound technical analysis to inform stakeholders to the energy transition.

Outside of work, Hugh can be found rock climbing or, for now, dancing Salsa and Lindy Hop. However, his ambitions are to become exactly decent at more dance forms than his fingers can count.

Education: BSc, Energy Engineering, University of California, Berkeley


Hawaiʻi Pathways to Decarbonization | Hawaiʻi State Energy Office, 2023

E3 supported the Hawaiʻi State Energy Office in the development of a report to the State Legislature evaluating long-term pathways to economywide decarbonization in Hawaiʻi and recommending new policies to ensure the achievement of the state’s decarbonization goals. E3 supported the Hawaiʻi State Energy Office in this effort by developing long-term decarbonization scenarios using the PATHWAYS model to explore the tradeoffs between different pathways to achieving Hawaiʻi’s goals.

The report affirms and recommends maintaining the state’s economy-wide emissions reduction target of 50% by 2030, relative to 2005 levels. The analysis shows that while challenging to achieve, with high levels of energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, and natural carbon sinks, among other measures, this ambitious goal is within reach.

Read the detailed project description.