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ACM: Avoided Cost Model

The E3 Avoided Cost Model forecasts long-term marginal costs to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of distributed energy resources such as energy efficiency, distributed generation, storage, and demand response.

EVGrid: Electric Vehicle Grid Impacts Model

EVGrid provides custom estimates of the economic costs and benefits associated with EV adoption, programs, and managed charging initiatives.

IDSM: Integrated Demand Side Management Model

The E3 IDSM model assesses the market potential and economics of distributed energy resources (DER) technologies for electric utilities.


E3’s PATHWAYS model for deep decarbonization scenarios is a tool for GHG mitigation planning that evaluates long-term GHG abatement scenarios and performs cost analysis.

RECAP: Renewable Energy Capacity Planning Model

E3's Renewable Energy Capacity Planning Model (RECAP) is a loss-of-load-probability model designed to evaluate the resource adequacy of electric power …


RESERVE is E3’s tool for determining dynamic ancillary services needs of highly renewable electricity grids to help system operators integrate larger amounts of wind and solar power.


RESOLVE is an electricity resource planning model that identifies optimal long-term electric generation and transmission investments subject to reliability, policy, …

RESTORE: Energy Storage Dispatch Model

RESTORE evaluates the costs and benefits of energy storage in the transition to a low-carbon, high-renewables grid, co-optimizing the dispatch …