Madeline Macmillan

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Madeline Macmillan

Dr. Madeline Macmillan supports E3’s Integrated System Planning practice area. Madeline joined E3 after earning a doctorate in Advanced Energy Systems from the Colorado School of Mines where her research focused on the development of uncertainty-informed energy system planning methods for improved climate resilience. While at Mines, Maddie also worked as a researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) where she advised energy system planning efforts in remote and disaster-prone areas of the United States with national security implications.

At NREL, Maddie was inspired by the tangible impact of her work and aspires to continue pursuing efficacious sustainable projects. She enjoys working on optimization, climate uncertainty, and environmental justice.

When not working, Madeline enjoys backpacking, skiing, baking sourdough bread, tending to her garden in the summer, snuggling with her cat, and relaxing with watercolor. She also loves traveling and exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Education: PhD, Advanced Energy Systems, Colorado School of Mines; BS, Environmental Engineering, North Carolina State University


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