Senior Consultant
Sam Schreiber

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Sam Schreiber

Sam Schreiber supports utilities and state regulatory agencies with integrated system planning efforts, with a focus on long-term capacity expansion modeling. Prior to joining E3, Mr. Schreiber was a Research Assistant with the McGehee Group at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he developed enhanced process controls to improve the efficiencies and reproducibility of perovskite-tandem solar cells.

Sam is driven by an underlying mission to bring about a clean energy transformation, which has ultimately brought him to E3. With the Resource Planning group, he enjoys working on projects that assess the impact of increased renewable energy capacity on electric grids throughout the U.S. He is excited to perform detailed modeling and analysis that will be used to direct high-level strategy around the decarbonization of the electricity sector.

When he’s not tackling renewable energy issues, Sam likes to play with his dogs Nico and Hazel, follow the Pittsburgh Pirates (to his perennial torment), and go hiking all around California.

Education: MS, Civil Engineering, Stanford University; BS, Engineering Physics, Stanford University