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Tali Perelman

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Tali Perelman


Tali Perelman helps tell the story of E3 across platforms and audiences. She provides support for E3’s technical writing, proposal submissions, website, marketing strategy, and all other forms of communications and design.

Tali comes from a background in climate-focused communications, leading web and editorial projects at a climate think tank, managing community engagement at a sustainable food incubator, directing the marketing for a food company, and advising the IPCC’s Head of Communications. She studied the History of Science at Yale, where she was interested in how great communication can enhance public trust in climate science, and led an outreach team for Yale’s Office of Sustainability. She is motivated by today’s quickly cascading clean energy transition and all the opportunities it presents to build a more stable planet.

Outside of work, Tali loves farmer’s markets, jigsaw puzzles, and kayaking.

Education: BA, History of Science, Yale University


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