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2015 NEM Successor Public Tool

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E3 created a public tool to evaluate the impacts of a successor to the existing net energy metering (NEM) tariff for eligible renewable customer-generators. The tool was created in response to Assembly Bill (AB) 327 (Perea) that directs the Commission to develop a standard tariff or contract for renewable customer-generators that ensures that customer-sited renewable generation continues to grow sustainably and that the total benefits to all customers are approximately equal to the total costs. The Public Tool produces SPM cost-test results and distributed energy resource (DER) adoption forecasts under different user-defined policy scenarios, rate designs, and NEM successor tariffs.

There are three files necessary to run the model [1] the Public Tool [2] the Revenue Requirement and [3] the Billing Determinants Database. To run the model, the user should download and unzip all three files to the same folder and ensure that macros are enabled. Only the “Public Tool” should be open when executing the model. The cover sheet within the “Public Tool” guides the user through the relevant interfaces necessary to operate the model.

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