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State of Wyoming Wind Energy Costing Model

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The Wyoming Wind Energy Costing Model is intended to demonstrate the related nature and relative impact of various cost drivers including capital costs, performance, financing, transmission, state and federal taxes, and others on the delivered cost of wind energy in Wyoming and other western states. E3 populated the model with the best available data regarding project cost and performance, and with a plausible set of assumptions regarding project finance and power purchase agreement structure.

E3 and the State of Wyoming recognize that economics will vary on a project-by-project basis, and that key inputs will change over time. The State of Wyoming has asked E3 to make the model available for download so that stakeholders can verify the model’s results and test alternative sets of inputs. However, the State of Wyoming asks that any parties using the model in the Wyoming policy context follow a friendly set of ground rules presented in the “Cover” tab of the model.

Wyoming Wind Costing Model (xls 1.4MB) (updated 11/2/10)
Wind Costing Model Presentation (pdf) (7/10/10)
E3 Response to Comments (11/2/10)

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