EVGrid: Electric Vehicle Grid Impacts Model

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E3 developed the Electric Vehicle Grid Impacts model (“EVGrid”) to provide custom estimates of the economic costs and benefits associated with EV adoption and programs. Capable of modeling more than 30 electrified vehicle segments, from passenger cars to heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, EVGrid combines utility-specific data with the latest technology and behavioral insights to create EV load profiles that are among the industry’s most robust.

EVGrid has supported some of world’s most advanced planning for electric vehicles:

  • For utilities, E3 has developed comprehensive, long-term “strategic roadmaps,” including the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ first-of-its-kind “Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap” and a forthcoming roadmap from a major public power entity
  • For energy agencies, E3 has analyzed the benefits and costs of EVs in distinct geographies and identified policy mechanisms and utility interventions to promote EV adoption
  • For transit and utility clients, EVGrid has illuminated impacts of rate design choices on EV economics, including dynamic tariffs to promote charging during solar abundance and rate structures for widespread transit electrification
  • For automakers and technology companies, E3 has provided customized market potential and valuation analyses for smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies
  • E3 has also performed detailed analyses of EV impacts on service transformers, substations, and generating fleets to support distribution and broader system planning

In jurisdictions as diverse as California, New York, Ohio, Idaho, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Arizona, and Washington State, EVGrid has consistently shown significant societal and ratepayer net benefits from EV adoption – and E3 has successfully supported clients through a broad range of regulatory filings, investment decisions, and corporate and system planning initiatives.

EV adoption is expected to provide net benefits of $2,500 – $3,400 per vehicle in Hawai’i

Using EVGrid, E3 calculated the direct economic costs and benefits to adoption of personal, light-duty EVs in O’ahu, Hawai’i, from 2018 to 2045.

PEV charging profile under alternative rate designs

EVGrid showed how SDG&E’s proposed dynamic vehicle grid integration rate could encourage PEV charging during the mid-day hours, when renewable overgeneration occurs in the spring and fall.

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