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Dyami Andrews

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Dyami supports E3’s DER group, contributing to E3’s diverse work on distributed energy resources. Working with an E3 team supporting Southern California Edison, Mr. Andrews evaluated the costs & benefits of various building electrification projects. During his work on E3’s California 2025 Codes & Standards Support he has led the development on a toolkit to accurately and repeatably produce load profiles for any segment of the US building stock down to the census tract level. Additionally, he has evaluated business opportunities for new players in the residential solar & storage market with E3’s Asset Valuation group. Dyami joined E3 in 2021 from Gridscape Solutions, a smart energy solutions company.

Motivated by the salience of the climate crisis, Dyami draws inspiration from tackling hard to solve problems. While there are many interlinked aspects that define this crisis, Dyami believes energy is at its heart. While mitigation efforts may eventually be needed, he is committed to prevention efforts that focus on weaning reducing heavy hydrocarbon usage. At E3, Dyami enjoys working in the fine details of energy usage modelling, aiming to provide a strong backbone upon which further analysis & decision-making can happen. In his work he prides himself not only on the accuracy of his results, but also on paving the way for others who will use the same tools.

When he is not too busy with work, Dyami is either working on his artwork, tending to his many plants, or pursuing his many other hobbies. He is currently in the process of designing and 3D printing a large format camera and has recently started bouldering and surfing.

Education: ME, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley; BS, Engineering, BA, Art, Swarthmore College