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Yuchi Sun

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Yuchi Sun

Dr. Yuchi Sun works primarily in E3’s resource planning practice area. Having worked on close to twenty projects across ten plus jurisdictions, he is especially experienced with Integrated Resource Planning projects with capacity expansion optimization and operational reliability analysis. He is a crucial developer and architect of the E3 resource planning tools trinity: RESOLVE, RECAP, and RESERVE.

Previously, as an E3 summer associate, Yuchi worked on integrated resource planning and procurement evaluations for utilities in Washington and Texas. He returned to E3 after completing his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where his research focused on using modern machine learning algorithms to improve short-term solar forecasting. He continues to be interested in bridging the gap between long-term planning and short-term operability challenges.

Outside of work, he dedicates much of his life to his cats Coco and A-mei, and various home projects to repair everything they broke.

Education: PhD and MS, energy resources engineering, Stanford University; BS, energy resources engineering and BA, English, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Integrated Resource Plan Support | El Paso Electric, 2020-21

E3 provided a broad range of IRP support services for El Paso Electric (EPE) including developing resource options and data inputs, conducting a Planning Reserve Margin and ELCC study using RECAP, optimizing EPE’s portfolios over the 2021-2045 period reflecting New Mexico’s Renewables Portfolio Standard and Energy Transition Act as well as EPE’s own goal of 80% carbon reductions by 2035, studying the operability of EPE’s system under high levels of wind and solar generation, and developing regulatory strategies for cost allocation and procurement given EPE’s multi-state service area. E3 has also been heavily involved in EPE’s stakeholder outreach and communication strategy, leading multiple stakeholder workshops and contributing to a substantial improvement in EPE’s stakeholder relations.

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