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Bill Wheatle

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Bill Wheatle

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Dr. Bill Wheatle joined E3 in Fall 2020 and currently works in the Boston office in E3’s Climate Pathways practice area. He develops scenarios for economywide pathways to deep decarbonization and assesses the impact building electrification on the natural gas system.

Bill’s interest in energy technology and policy arose from learning about climate change’s effects on vulnerable communities, including those in the Caribbean where much of his family still lives. He studied battery materials as an undergraduate at Cornell University and as a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin.

In his free time, Bill enjoys cooking Caribbean food, baking bread, reading fantasy novels and historical fiction and nonfiction, and playing board and video games.

Education: PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; BS, Chemical Engineering, Cornell University


WRI United States Decarbonization Scenarios | World Resources Institute, 2021

E3 worked with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to develop four scenarios of increasing ambition to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all sectors of the United States economy using E3’s US PATHWAYS and RESOLVE models. E3 collaborated with WRI to develop robust scenario definitions, collect publicly available data and assumptions, and create interactive spreadsheet results. The goal of the study was to understand the effect of high-impact federal policies on achieving 50% emissions reduction by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050. The analysis demonstrates the importance of key near-term building blocks, including: 1) aligning economics for customers and companies to adopt clean energy technologies; 2) aligning policy and institutions to remove barriers to technology deployment; 3) increasing consumer awareness and education to unlock higher levels of adoption; and 4) creating a transition plan for fossil fuel jobs to ensure a smooth transition.

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