Maryland Decarbonization Pathways | Maryland Dept. of Environment, 2017–2019

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E3 supported the development of Maryland’s statewide climate plan in collaboration with the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) at Towson University. E3 developed a Maryland-specific PATHWAYS model for the project to calculate the costs and emissions reduction potential of various measures across the state’s economy, as well as the timeframes in which they would occur. In the project’s first phase, E3 developed a reference emissions case under existing state energy policies that was presented to the Mitigation Working Group of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change; in the second phase, E3 evaluated deeper GHG reduction scenarios with additional and more aggressive measures. The state’s draft climate plan, released by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) in October 2019, encompassed more than 100 climate-saving measures – including investments in efficiency and renewables, adoption of electric vehicles, and better management of farms and forests – to reduce GHG emissions 44 percent below 2006 levels by 2030. The final plan is forthcoming in early 2020.


Tory Clark, Snuller Price


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