Rate Structures for Electrified Transit | California Transit Association, 2018

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E3 utilized its deep rate design experience and robust vehicle electrification modeling capabilities to help the California Transit Association (CTA) develop electricity rate structures to promote widespread transit electrification. E3 worked with CTA member agencies to develop key data sets for charging profiles and candidate rate designs. This involved gathering extensive data to create accurate charging profiles for public buses, which differ in terms of charging locations (on route vs. at depot), charging times, and route lengths. E3’s modeling also incorporated forecasted changes in charging technologies as well as current and future bus technology configurations. E3 then developed a wide range of potential rate structures with various time-of-use energy charges and demand charge structures and levels, each of which was designed to be revenue-neutral so that any design could be implemented as an option for the relevant customer class. This project quantified the importance of rate structure selection in delivering value for both “smart” and un-managed charging  and informed the ongoing discussion among utilities, regulators, and transit agencies. CTA represents more than 200 member organizations, including all of California’s largest urban transit operators and dozens of agencies in suburban and rural areas.


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