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Oluwafemi (Femi) Sawyerr

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Oluwafemi (Femi) Sawyerr

Oluwafemi (Femi) Sawyerr conducts economic analysis for projects related to retail electric rate design, transmission planning, asset valuation, and pricing for power purchase agreements. Since joining E3 in 2016, he has developed a model to calculate the potential cost savings of consolidating two cooperative utilities and to project the bill impacts by class to their customers. Femi also built a pro forma financial model to explore the economics of a proposed large-scale wind development in Wyoming.

Originally from Nigeria, Femi has a firsthand understanding of renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing in developing countries. He is interested in how challenges at the nexus of sustainability and energy, especially electricity, have local, national, and global consequences. Understanding these impacts is increasingly important as these nations seek to improve their infrastructure in a climate-constrained world.

Femi is also a passionate dancer who travels across the country taking classes and dancing with world-renowned professionals. He has performed in salsa and bachata routines in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Cincinnati; San Francisco; and Reno, Nevada—in competitions, in performances, and just for fun.

Education: MS, natural resources and environment, University of Michigan; BS, applied physics, University of Lagos, Nigeria


Study of Policies to Decarbonize Electric Sector in the Northwest I Public Generating Pool, 2017 – present

On behalf of the Public Generating Pool (PGP), a group of hydro-owning public power entities in Washington and Oregon, E3 completed a study exploring the effectiveness of a range of policy mechanisms to decarbonize the electric sector. This study used RESOLVE, E3’s optimal capacity expansion model, to develop optimized generation portfolios for the region through 2050 that capture […]


Procurement and rate design | Lower Valley Energy, 2001–16

E3 has provided procurement and rate-making advice to Wyoming’s Lower Valley Energy (LVE) since 2001. Our long-term procurement plans have carefully addressed LVE’s need to mitigate cost increases due to changes in either market prices of energy or Bonneville Power Administration’s rates. We have also helped LVE assess the merits of different rate structures and compare the value of building generation in its own service territory with the costs of building new transmission facilities to access alternative power sources. Most recently, we provided an independent evaluation of the costs and benefits of a potential merger with a neighboring co-op utility.