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Minnesota Storage Economics: Solar + Storage Now, Stand-Alone in 2025

January 17, 2020

In response to state legislation passed last year, E3 recently completed a Minnesota energy storage cost-benefit analysis following a competitive …

Western Interconnection Flexibility Assessment

January 30, 2016

E3 recently completed an assessment of the flexibility of the generation fleet of the Western Interconnection under a range of …

Business Models for Rooftop Solar

May 6, 2015

On May 6th, E3 presented at a workshop held in New Delhi the results of a study identifying business models …

Business Case for Rural Solar Microgrids in India

February 5, 2015

E3 in collaboration with a world class team has released a study, "Assessing the business case for rural solar microgrids …

Introduction to China’s Energy System

November 5, 2014

E3 Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Williams and Mr. Trevor Houser, Partner of the Rhodium Group joined forces to present an …

Utility Scale Energy Storage Paper

April 5, 2014

Eric Cutter, Ben Haley, Jeremy Hargreaves and Jim Williams of E3 were co-authors on a recent paper "Utility scale energy …

Wholesale Electricity Prices in the Texas (ERCOT) Market

February 17, 2014

Texas's wholesale electricity market has undergone major regulatory changes over the past two decades. E3 Senior Partner Dr. C.K. Woo …

Future Utility Model Fact Finding

October 31, 2013

E3 Managing Partner Dr. Ren Orans spoke at the Joint Meeting of the Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation (CREPC) …

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