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E3 Supports U.S. Climate Alliance’s 2023 Annual Report with Scenario Analysis

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December 6, 2023

US Climate Alliance released its 2023 Annual Report this week, including detailed E3 scenario analysis. The report, titled “All Hands on Deck: Securing America’s Net-Zero Future with State-Led, High-Impact Action,” highlights the progress Alliance members have already made toward reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and using E3’s modeling, details multiple scenarios of Alliance-wide GHG emissions through 2050.

E3 evaluated Alliance-wide GHG emissions through 2050 using E3’s PATHWAYS model to map out the trajectory of current policies including the Inflation Reduction Act, proposed federal actions, and additional ambitious collective actions for Alliance states or the federal government. These scenarios highlighted the gap between current policies and GHG targets and quantified the impact of incremental measures and actions. E3 also evaluated the benefits and costs of achieving net zero GHG emissions, including health benefits, climate benefits, and direct costs of fuels and clean infrastructure, showcasing net savings through 2050 of decarbonization. This new analysis built off previous analysis that E3 completed for the Alliance’s 2021 report, which also tracked progress already made and examined scenarios through 2050.

Figure showing collective actions, and their associated net GHG emissions, to reach net zero by 2050
Achieving the Alliance’s 2030 and 2050 climate goals will require further collective action across the economy and across levels of government

The E3 team responsible for creating the scenarios and analyzing the benefits and costs of achieving net zero included Tory ClarkRawley LokenJen Cardona, Hayden Dahmm, and Paul Picciano.

Both the summary of the study and the full report can be found on the U.S. Climate Alliance site.

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